TedxOdense 2021
23 jan
2021 Kl. 12:00

TedxOdense 2021

lørdag, 23. januar 2021 - 12:00 - 18:30
TedxOdense 2021


TEDxOdense is all about sparking conversation and making great ideas accessible, right here in the heart of Odense. TEDxOdense brings together a community of changemakers. We believe passion is contagious, so we want Odense to be inspired by our speakers’ enthusiasm and commitment to innovation. TEDxOdense has a natural knack for inspiring its attendees to open their minds to new philosophies and ideas. Not only is it common to discover new aspirations, it’s almost become expected.

We create a unique space where we expand perceptions and allow people to think.

We incorporate people in the ideas of tomorrow.

We strive for new ways to develop ourselves and our ideas.

This year, the TEDxOdense theme is Breaking Down, Breaking Through.

Our world is breaking down. Our environment is broken, our lives are broken, our spirits, our bodies, our society, our laws, our businesses, our futures are all broken. People everywhere are breaking down.

New ideas are breaking through. Technology is breaking through, talent is breaking through, optimism, hope, determination, perfectionism, positivity, and a vision for the future is now breaking through. People everywhere are breaking though.

Join us as we explore, question, understand, and celebrate the colossal breakdowns and unprecedented breakthroughs that affect us all.

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